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Airbus A400M Program

Turkish Aerospace workshare (6% of A400M project) includes design and manufacture of Forward Center Fuselage, Section 17 Upper Shell, Paratrooper Doors, Tail cone, Ailerons and Spoilers.




Lockheed F-35 
F-35 is a fifth generation multirole fighter to perform ground attack, reconnaissance and air defense missions with stealth capability.



A350 Aileron Design and Manufacturing Program
The scope consists of the design, manufacturing and after sales support of the Ailerons for A350 XWB long range, wide body jet Airliner developed by Airbus.



A321/320/319 SEC-18 Panels of Fuselage Program
The scope of the Airbus SA Sec-18 Program is to manufacture upper, lower, left and right panels of section 18 of the fuselage for A320 family aircrafts.



Airbus Long Range VTP Rudder Program
The scope of the LR Rudder Program consists of the production of the rudder component for both -200 and -300 versions of the Airbus A330 Aircraft.




Bombardier C Series FTE Program

Turkish Aerospace is the sole source supplier of Bombardier on C series Fixed Trailing Edge (FTE) Assembly Program for CS100 and CS300 aircrafts.



Boeing B787 Programs
Turkish Aerospace and Alenia have signed contract at 2007 to manufacture and deliver Boeing 787 Elevator and Cargo Barrier Components.



AW139 Helicopter Fuselage Manufacturing Program
In the scope of AW139 Program, the fuselage of AW139 Helicopter is being manufactured for Italian Leonardo Company in Turkish Aerospace facilities.


Sikorsky UH-60/MH-60
Manufacturing Activities for 1328 S-70A Stabilator, 158 MH-60 Tail Cone & Tail Rotor Pylon and 840 Center Box has been successfully completed.



MK1 Cougar Program
Program scope is including Fuselage, Tail and Canopy components production for the Airbus Cougar Helicopter.



B737 Wing Tip Program
The contract with Boeing-Seattle has been signed on 18 February 1999 for 600 s/s, 800 s/s, 1000 s/s B737 Wing Tip manufacturing and delivery.




Boeing Spirit AeroSystems Programs
The scope includes the manufacturing and delivery of around 652 s/s per year to support 737, 747,767, and 777 Boeing Aircraft with the current rates.








Korean Aerospace
Korean Utility Helicopter (KUH) Forward Fuselage Assembly Program
In the scope of KUH Program, the forward fuselage assembly of KUH-Surion Helicopter is being manufactured for KAI Company in Turkish Aerospace facilities.




Fokker Gulfstream Panels
The contract with Fokker Aerostructures B.V. has been signed 25 March 2008 for 47 different Gulfstream G650 aircraft panels manufacturing and delivery.



AIRBUS - PAG SA Section 19 Shells&Barrel Program
Airbus and Turkish Aerospace has signed the contract related with the manufacturing of Single Aisle (A319/320/321) Aircraft Section 19.





Equipements fabriqués par Turkish Aerospace


Turkish Aerospace  assure la conception, les tests et la fabrication d'une partie des nacelles Airbus A320 Neo, considéré comme le best seller mondial actuel des avions commerciaux. 

 TAI will supply the “fan cowls” of PW1100G-JM engines functioning to protect the jet engine from external impacts and completing the aircraft’s aerodynamic integrity. According to the contract signed with Airbus, TAI will design and manufacture A320Neo PW nacelle fan cowls as sole source throughout the entire program lifetime.

Turkish Aerospace est à la fois actionnaire (6%) du programme consortium européen Airbus military A400M, client des avions, et à la fois producteurs d'un nombre non négligeables de composants de toutes tailles.